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Resistance fighters or village idiots?
They have become Facebook heroes but Police Commissioner says they look more like "village idiots". Picture: Facebook

They call themselves the Revenue Raisers Resistance but the Police Commissioner says they look “more like village idiots”.

Wearing Guy Fawkes masks and holding placards alerting motorists to upcoming speed cameras, photos of the RRR “protestors” have clogged up Perth’s social media feeds in recent days.

Sightings have so far been limited to the northern suburbs but the Revenue Raisers Resistance Facebook page has garnered more than 2200 “likes” since creation on August 8.

Shamelessly spruiking photos of their own exploits, the RRR Facebook page boasts: “We are the resistance. We the people know this government program is nothing more than a fraud. We the people have the power.”

They sign off by saying, “Join us or expect us”.

Quizzed on the group’s actions this morning, Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said warning motorists of speed traps did not violate any laws.

However, problems could arise if those involved obstructed traffic or frightened other motorists.

“If that was the case we may have to do something about that,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

“I don’t mind if people bring attention to speed cameras … if it helps people slow down so much the better.

“I’m not concerned about the fact people may avoid a speeding fine in those circumstances because their attention is being drawn to the fact there is a speed camera, that’s good, it changes their behaviour.”

One of the group’s Facebook posts shows a masked person posing near a police van.

It claims the police officers in the vehicle sympathised with the protest.

“Not all policemen are ‘pigs’,” the caption reads.

“These were the most friendliest down-to-earth policemen I have ever met ... they agreed on our position.”

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