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Bachelor names fave date so far

Blake Garvey is usually pretty coy about which Bachelorettes he prefers, but the TV heartthrob has revealed his favourite single date so far has been with Laurina.

When it came to his feellings, the star of Network Ten's reality dating show The Bachelor was his usual guarded self in an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday.

However Garvey did admit that from a host of one-on-one dates, including with seeming favourites Jessica and Sam, his skydiving experience with the controversial Laurina had made the biggest impression.

"Wow, she's an amazing woman," the baritone-voiced 31-year-old said.

"You liked her from the beginning," Jackie O probed.

"She was very very confusing, and is," Garvey responded.

"And at first I was like, 'OK, are you for real?' And the more I've gotten to know her the more I've realised it's just she has no filter. She's very direct, she's wired a bit differently, and she has a beautiful soft side."

In the pair's date, Garvey overcame his fear of heights to throw himself out of a plane with 30-year-old Laurina.

The model turned entrepreneur was visibly mortified as wind and gravity took over and forced her cheeks and mouth to flap around uncontrollably, and even re-did her hair as she floated down in the parachute.

But it was made better when Garvey took her back to his own home for some cocktails and a cheeky pash.

Garvey said his chemistry with the Audrey Hepburn lookalike came naturally - but then, that happened with all the hopeful ladies.

"This is the thing, the girls are all fantastic," he said, adding that some of the more dramatic Bachelorettes only added another facet to the dating game.

"Amber is so passionate, she is so funny. A few of the girls have that fiery side to them and I don't there's anything wrong with that."

Serial lingerer Jessica, who snagged the first single date, was still a favourite it seemed, with Garvey saying that every time they talk "we just go in this little bubble".

But while he said the show is still in filming, the Bachelor wouldn't be drawn on how many girls are left at this stage apart from describing it as "very, very intense".

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