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Police seek most romantic guy
Police seek 'most romantic guy'

One man's burning desire to propose to his partner was so fiery he caught the attention of police.

The Daily Mail reports that London officers in a police helicopter were chasing a stolen car when they spotted an unusual marriage proposal taking place in Gladstone Park on Saturday night.

The man can be seen proposing. Picture: Twitter

The officers were using a heat-sensitive camera to track the car when the screen lit up with 'Will you marry me?' spelled out in candles on the ground.

What's more, a figure on bended knee was clearly visible with another figure, presumably engaged in the romantic proposal.

Police are using social media to try to track the couple to share the images with them.

The MPSinthesky Twitter account tweeted: "We think we have just seen the most romantic guy in north London.

"Who were the lucky couple in Gladstone Park just before midnight ? #willyoumarryme?"

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