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Arnold rules out Hutchence cameo

Australian actor Luke Arnold has all but ruled out reprising his role as Michael Hutchence in a mini-series about music guru Molly Meldrum.

The Seven Network will follow up its mini-series INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, in which Arnold starred as Hutchence, with a biopic about Meldrum.

The series has yet to be cast but Arnold says it would be against his better judgment to jump back in and play Hutchence, even in a cameo role for the Meldrum mini-series.

"I feel like it was a risky role to take on and it seems I got out of it pretty well," Arnold said.

"I think I'd be playing with fire a little bit to go back and do it after I survived it.

"It would be very tempting to go back and do it but at the same it's probably right for someone else to have a go at it and get into leather pants."

Actor Grant Piro played Meldrum in the INXS: Never Tear Us Apart mini-series.

However, Meldrum has stated publicly that his preferred choice to play him is The Secret Life Of Us star Samuel Johnson.

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