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Police monitor bikie party
Police have blocked streets near the Rebels clubhouse in East Victoria Park. Picture: Steve Ferrier.

A huge contingent of federal and state police kept a close eye on Rebels bikies and their guests at the opening of the gang’s East Victoria Park clubhouse last night.

About 100 police, including officers from the national anti-gang taskforce, set up roadblocks at either end of Swansea Street, searching revellers and their vehicles before allowing them through.

They also ran names and vehicle registrations through police computers.

They were bolstered by officers from the police dog squad and mounted unit.

Police were expecting about 200 people to arrive at the clubhouse, situated at the rear of a shopping complex, but numbers were low.

Rebels members labelled the operation "overkill" telling police they were wasting taxpayers' money to monitor a "sausage sizzle."

Many of them wore shirts emblazoned with the catch phrase, 'Respect few, fear none.'

Some Rebels members became angry at the police attention and lashed out verbally, but there had been no violence by 9pm.

Swansea Street residents stood out the front of their units, stunned by the level of activity in their street and worried about the location of the clubhouse.

The police contingent packed up and left the area just after 9pm.

Police search people and vehicles at opening of the Rebels clubhouse in East Victoria Park. Picture: Steve Ferrier.
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