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Search for hidden musical treasure
Madeleine Spencer, Jarrad Seng, Michael Algeri, Holly Mitchell and Jessica Butcher. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian

A group of Perth creatives have gathered together to form an event unlike any other seen in WA.

Attendees will tonight flock to a secret location to see a mystery band play, knowing barely anything about how the night, dubbed The Hidden Sound, will shape up.

They only know the people behind the event - a collection of celebrated creatives including organiser and photographer Jarrad Seng, renowned stylist Jessica Butcher and social media personalities from blog The Boyfriend Shirt, Holly Mitchell and Louisa Miller.

The Hidden Sound sold out as soon as tickets were released several weeks ago despite guests not knowing what they were in for, a phenomenon Seng said was due to the faith the public had in the people behind the project.

"I think trust is a big part of it," Seng told Access All Areas.

"If you don't know any details about what is going to happen, you look to the people behind it. I hope I have built up enough trust over my years as a photographer, and then we have Jess Butcher who is well-loved in the industry. If you just look at who is involved, you know something special is going to happen because we don't do things by halves."

Seng first had the idea for the event several years ago while travelling the world photographing acts such as Passenger and Stu Larsen. He realised the "music moments" people remember are not necessarily the arena shows or the big concerts.

"They are the intimate living room shows or the backstage rehearsals, those little moments in between," Seng explained.

"I have always had a love for acoustic music and I thought 'What if we took it a step further and didn't reveal the details to anyone?' It kind of removes all the preconceptions around an event."

Though she is an in-demand wedding and events stylist, Butcher said she did not think twice about getting on board as a volunteer when Seng first pitched the idea.

"I just loved the concept about local creatives coming together and doing it for the fun of it, rather than making it a job and getting paid," she said. "It is just local, raw talent and it's amazing how many people have come on board and collaborated."

Paper-cut artist Annabelle Gordon, producer Madeleine Spencer, lighting designer Michael Algeri and furniture designer Andrew Christie are also part of the Hidden Sound creative community.

Though Seng was tight-lipped about the artist taking the stage tonight, only confirming it would take place at a Fremantle location, he said it would be an Australian act that most guests would be familiar with. If the inaugural event is successful, the team plan to announce similar events across Perth soon.

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