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SN ART: New footage of Pistorius revealed
SN ART: New footage of Pistorius revealed

Secret footage has emerged of Oscar Pistorius, currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year, re-enacting exactly how he shot and killed her.

The footage, to be aired on the Seven Network's Sunday Night, shows the Olympian describing in graphic detail the events leading up to the moment he shot his girlfriend.

It shows Pistorius moving through a house on his stumps, without his prosthetic legs, demonstrating his claim that he mistook Reeva for an intruder, and killed her accidentally.

The footage has convinced top US forensic investigator Scott Roder that his story is true.

But the expose also reveals Reeva's parents and close friends concerns that her relationship was turbulent — even violent.

In an exclusive interview, Roder says Pistorius he is convinced did not mean to kill his girlfriend on the morning of February 14, after weeks of interviewing and analysing the evidence.

"Absolutely, they physical evidence is consistent and his story remains unchanged," Roder told Sunday Night reporter Ross Coulthart.

"If you look at the evidence Oscar's clearly not guilty."

In the revealing vision, the 27-year-old paralympian is shown in a Nike singlet running without his prosthetic legs and pretending to hold a gun out in front of him.

It also shows how he bashed down the bathroom door and, using his sister to demonstrate, how he pulled Reeva from the bathroom and carried her down the stairs.

Roder says Pistorius'unwavering account of his movements that day and the physical evidence has him convinced of the Blade Runner's innocence.

"When he’s on his prosthetics, you know he’s very tall broad-shouldered athletic guy he looks like he can really handle himself."

"But when he takes his prosthetics off and he’s on his stumps uh he’s short, the confidence washes away from his face."

At about 3.12am on February the 14th, shots were reported from the athlete's secure compound in Pretoria, South Africa.

At 3.19am Pistorius called a neighbor. At 3.20am he phoned for an ambulance. At 3.21am he called Security at the compound.

Screams were reportedly heard coming from his home.

Reeva Steenkamp stopped breathing three minutes before the ambulance arrived and, according to paramedics, died in his arms.

But Reeva's parents and friends remain unconvinced by Pistorus' evidence and insist the couple had a rocky relationship.

"Why? Why did he shoot her? How did she end up with a person like this?" Reeva's mother June Steenkamp says in the emotional interview.

Phuti Komo, a close friend of Reeva's also reveals in the interview the model was feeling unsure about her relationship with the sports star.

"She felt, she felt I think, "It is a bit too much". I have lost a true friend."

Komo starred with Reeva in South Africa's top rated TV show, Tropika Island of Treasure.

Watch the full story tonight on Channel Seven at 8.40pm


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