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Serco escapee getsextra  two months jail
Serco escapee getsextra two months jail

An armed robber, who managed to escape from Serco guards despite being treated for an injured foot at hospital at the time, has been jailed for an extra two months by a magistrate.

Twenty-two-year-old convicted armed robber Darren Goldsworthy was able to outrun guards during a medical visit to Royal Perth Hospital's Shenton Park annexe in May, despite being handcuffed.

He was arrested about 90 minutes later.

At Perth Magistrate's court today, Goldsworthy admitted the escape, saying he "just wanted a bit of freedom."

The court heard Goldsworthy fled after a guard had taken a toilet break, and was able to outrun the Serco employee and jump a fence, despite his injured foot.

Magistrate Robert Young said the confidence in the justice system had been dented by Goldsworthy's "hapless" escape.

He sentenced to him to three months in prison for the escape, with two months of that to be added to his existing jail time.

At the time of the escape, witnesses told The West Australian they saw a barefoot Goldsworthy - dressed in prison greens - bolt from the hospital's main entrance with the two Serco guards trailing well behind.

One guard was allegedly overheard saying his job was on the line because it was the second time he had lost a prisoner.

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