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Boxing chief slams finals judging
Boxing chief slams finals judging

UPDATE: Boxing WA president Geoff Peterson says “horrendous” scoring has wrecked the amateur national championships being held in Fremantle this week.

Peterson said West Australian trio Jayden Hansen, Callum Cassidy and Matt Linsley were just three fighters left feeling shattered after their hopes of qualifying for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games were snuffed out.

“The scoring has been horrendous, awful ... the decision which went against Jayden Hansen was just atrocious,” Peterson said.

“He clearly won the first round, scored a standing count in the second and won the third. Yet they gave it to his opponent, (Tasmanian) Jackson Woods.”

The system used by Boxing Australia sees five judges score each round on a 10-9 basis. At the end of the fight, two of the judges’ scores are randomly discarded, and the fight awarded on a 3-0 or 2-1 basis.

“It’s not just that’s this is an anti-WA thing, Queensland has suffered too,” Peterson said.

“But it’s more that the judges are just getting it so wrong. A great tournament is getting destroyed. What they don’t see are the boxers falling to the floor behind the screens, shattered.

“Kylie Fulmer is another who we couldn’t believe lost. It’s getting to the stage where we’re thinking, ‘you cannot be serious’.

“The scoring system is no longer just about pressing about a button when a punch lands. There’s a lot to consider when awarding rounds. I don’t think you should be able to judge a fight under this system unless you’ve boxed before.”

Cassidy’s coach Phil Crawley also spoke out by the scoring after seeing his fighter lose to Victorian James Mallia.

“Callum was robbed of a place in the national finals,” Crawley said.

“After totally outboxing Mallia in round one and being the aggressor, throwing more punches that landed correctly to both head and body, keeping a tight guard, all the things the new judges rules are looking for the decision went against him.

“To say he is gutted is an understatement. He boxed fantastic tonight and won, there has to be an inquest into the new scoring system as three out of four WA boxers lost when they should be in the finals. Callum Cassidy, Matt Linsley, Jayden Hansen all won tonight.

“This has cost three of WA’s elite boxers a place in the finals and the possibility of making the Commonwealth Games team.”

WA has two fighters still with a chance of Commonwealth Games qualification, with Jordan Samardali (Devellerez BC) facing Tasmanian Dylan Hardy in the 81kg final and Joe Scaffidi (Petersons) meeting Joshua English (NSW) at 49kg.

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