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Jesinta takes bridal path
Jesinta Campbell prepares backstage ahead of the Lan Yu show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Picture: Getty Images

J *esinta Campbell *gave a glimpse into what she may look like if she ever heads down the aisle with boyfriend *Buddy Franklin *after she donned an elaborate wedding gown during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The former Miss Universe Australia titleholder frocked up in a princess-like bridal dress by designer *Lan Yu *for a showcase this week in Sydney, leading many to speculate what the 22-year-old would look like at her real wedding.

Campbell has been dating the *WA *-raised AFL player for about six months and things seem to quickly be getting serious for the pair after she moved into Franklin's Bondi home last month.

The duo regularly share snaps of their budding romance on Instagram and recently adopted a blue Staffordshire terrier pup, which they named Axel.

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