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Mythbusters. Picture: Supplied

Mythbusters fans can rejoice. Not only is a new season of their hit Discovery Channel show starting tonight at 7.35 on SBS1 but it has been announced that Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are set to embark on their first live tour of Australia.

Mythbusters: Behind the Myths will be an evening of onstage experiments, audience participation and behind-the-scenes stories.

Fans will be able to join special-effects experts Hyneman and Savage on stage to assist in their mind-blowing and mind-twisting approach to science.

The show celebrated episode 200 last year. Since it first aired in 2003, the team have done more than 2510 experiments, destroyed more than 146 vehicles, used more than 33,500 yards of duct tape, caused more than 792 explosions and tested more than 833 myths.

In tonight's series return, Hyneman and Savage tackle the tall tale that supersonic ping-pong can go lethally wrong. Later in the series, they put Hollywood action cliches through their paces and, in an episode dedicated to moonshine, find out if you could really fuel a car on a batch of home brew.

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