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Perth model no Belieber
Perth model Anouska Freedman. Picture: Iain Gillespie/ The West Australian

J *ustin Bieber *recently claimed he didn't know if he had ever been to Australia but Perth model *Anouska Freedman *has a different story to tell about the pop star's visit Down Under.

The Baby hitmaker made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he wrapped up his Believe world tour in *Perth * in December, with his bodyguard being accused of pushing a fan's father down stairs at the *Hyatt Regency *hotel and Bieber allegedly likening a *WA * girl to a "beached whale".

To add further fuel to the controversies surrounding the 20-year-old, Freedman revealed she also encountered Bieber when he was in Perth and was shocked when he dropped her friends' phones in front of their eyes.

"Me and my friends took a photo of him and we now know we were in the wrong but (at the time) we were unaware we weren't allowed to take a photo of him," the 19-year-old, who has made the top 12 on Foxtel reality modelling search The Face Australia, told _AAA Weekend _.

"He overreacted quite a lot. He obviously had his posse there, I don't know what else to call them, and they came over and were a bit rude. Then he dropped all my friends' phones on the floor."

Freedman, who is also a *Miss Universe WA * top 24 finalist and signed to Chadwick's Perth, added she had originally approached the star with an open mind.

"I heard some stuff about him but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt, I was not going to go in thinking anything about him," the *Karrinyup * teen said.

Bieber seemed to have forgotten his Australian visit during a recent court appearance in the US, over claims the singer instructed his bodyguards to assault a photographer, where he was quizzed on the trip.

"I don't know if I have ever been to Australia," he said, before asking his lawyer if he had visited the country.

Jessie Papain

The West Australian

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