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Saved by his phone tracker
Jon Faull is rescued by St John Ambulance critical care paramedic Allan Newbold (in red) and paramedic Duncan Patterson (in green.) Supplied picture

Jon Faull was trail bike riding with his teenage son and friends near Mundaring in October when disaster struck.

As the Fremantle mechanic turned a corner, his bike brushed a tree and his right thigh was impaled on a metre-long branch.

"It went in at my hip and came out near my buttock," Mr Faull said. "I made a decision I was not going to be in pain, screaming in front of my 13-year-old son."

Mr Faull's son Zane said he turned the corner to see his dad was "a human skewer".

"I stopped in disbelief thinking it all was some kind of cruel joke but it wasn't," he said.

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Zane and their friends called an ambulance but they could not pinpoint their location.

It was then Mr Faull set off his Spot Connect, a satellite tracker which connects to a smartphone and acts like an EPIRB.

Within 10 minutes, emergency services could direct the RAC rescue helicopter and an ambulance to the exact position.

"Nine minutes later, the guys winched me into the helicopter," Mr Faull said. "It was fantastic, the guys were magnificent."

St John Ambulance paramedic Allan Newbold said Mr Faull did everything right to be rescued.

"People think, 'Oh, they're in a helicopter, they're going to see us' but it is often a lot harder than people think," Mr Newbold said.

Mr Faull had 150 internal stitches and 70 staples. He is back riding but much slower.

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