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A West Australian woman has begged in an Indonesian court to be reunited with her children, who are being tormented about her drugs charges.

Julie Anne Joseph, of Port Hedland, has been in custody on the island of Lombok since October last year when she was allegedly found in possession of crystal methamphetamine

Prosecutors are pushing for the 32-year-old truck driver to serve up to four years' jail.

In court on Thursday, Joseph said she was sorry for the incident.

“I apologise for my mistakes,” she said.

“I apologise on behalf of Australian citizens personally, to the people of Indonesia, especially to Lombok people.”

She said she hadn't been able to see her two children, who were being teased about their mother's arrest.

Police reportedly became suspicious of Joseph after going to her aid at a motorbike accident, where she became protective of her handbag.

They searched her and allegedly found 1.73 grams of crystal meth.

Joseph's lawyer, Edmond L Aipassa, told the court his client had accepted a small package from a man she had just met in a bar in the tourist area of Senggigi.

But she wasn't aware it contained “shabu-shabu”, he said.

“Julie found out that the box contained shabu-shabu after she was arrested and detained in Senggigi police station,” Mr Aipassa said.

The court last week heard Joseph would be charged with second-tier drugs offences only, with prosecutors accepting the meth was for her personal use.

But Mr Aipassa argued against the charges, saying his client was in “a state of depression” at the time and had just accepted a gift from a stranger.

The verdict will be handed down next month.


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