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Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell with baby Eric. Picture: Simon Cowell/Twitter

Simon Cowell has taken his son home from hospital.

The 54-year-old music mogul was seen carrying baby Eric - who was born on Friday - in a car seat out of New York's Lenox Hill Hospital on Sunday, and he, his son and girlfriend Lauren Silverman got into a waiting vehicle, which was believed to have taken them to a nearby hotel.

And the youngster has already settled in at home with his parents' beloved puppies Squiddly and Diddly, according to a tweet from Cowell.

"The last three days have been incredible. Eric Lauren sqiddly and diddly all happy," he wrote.

Though Eric is just a few days old, insiders say Cowell is already a great dad.

"Eric is a lovely baby. He's very calm, sweet and very handsome," one source told The Sun newspaper.

"Simon's loving every minute and won't put little Eric down. He's taken to it like a natural and can't stop smiling."

The X Factor boss has already shared a number of pictures of Eric on his Twitter page.

Alongside a picture of himself cradling the little boy into his chest, he wrote: "I never knew how much love and pride I would feel."

And a photograph of himself, Lauren and the baby was captioned: "Mum, Dad and Eric. Now two days old."

Alongside a third picture, just of the baby, he wrote: "Now you can see how very handsome little Eric is."

Cowell is expected to return to the UK later this week for the Britain's Got Talent auditions.