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Mr Snot Bottom
2.5 stars
De Parel Spiegeltent
REVIEW: Jordan Nix

Snot. Booger. Bum. Fart.

It's not a good start for Mr Snot Bottom's audience.

There's a technical problem in the spiegeltent and the growing family crowd has been waiting outside in the heat for 40 minutes. It's enough to make you grizzle and grumble and turn your cheeks bright red. Fans and sunscreen are passed around and a lovely usher does his best to entertain the kids - even Mr Snot Bottom makes a brief appearance - but there's only so long one can wait.

When the doors finally open and we pile inside, Mr Snot Bottom (Mark Trenwith) assures us he tried everything to fix the glitch - licking the screen, throwing it against the wall and pouring orange juice over it.

Whatever it was, the solution is sadly short-lived.

Mr Snot Bottom is out of hankies, his final one destroyed by some hilarious audience interaction with an eager father. He is forced to magically transport his house into the venue via the dreaded projector. Thankfully, it's still working fine.

After a shaky intro, Mr Snot Bottom begins to pick up laughs and handles the heckling children with aplomb. The story of the great bum-rubbing festival had a few children recreating it for themselves.

Bums and mums feature quite heavily in the show. Mums beware, your excessive toilet-paper buying, broccoli-loving, fairy- fart-perfume-wearing schtick will not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, all the underappreciated human hanky wants is to a sing a song but Mr Snot Bottom continually interrupts with some clever observations. Why doesn't Humpty Dumpty just sit on a chair?

Some parts don't work. A parent read- along to a letter on the screen is tedious and The Big Fat Mermaid adaptation is relentless on the fart jokes.

What was surely the biggest laugh of the show is ruined by a faulty power point, which closes the show on a low point.

No matter how silly Mr Snot Bottom is, it's hard to shake the frustration of waiting and not feel a little disappointed at the end result. It's a booger of a day for everyone.

Mr Snot Bottom runs until Feb 9.

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