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Miracle quads hit big school
Busselton quads Janae, left, Will, Isaac and Brylee all set for their first day of school. Picture: Steve Ferrier/The West Australian

A child's first day at school can be an emotional time for any parent but spare a thought for the Snaddons from Busselton.

Matt and Janelle are the proud parents of WA's miracle quadruplets - four bubbly, healthy children who defied doctors' expectations from the moment of conception.

On Monday, days after celebrating their sixth birthday, Will, Isaac, Janae and Brylee will pack their bags and head off to start Year 1 at St Joseph's School in Busselton.

"I've been dreading it more than they have, that's for sure. They just grow up so fast," Mrs Snaddon, 32, said.

"They're in the 'big school' now with the big kids and big kids can be mean but they can look out for each other."

The quadruplets were conceived after the couple's first attempt at artificial insemination in 2008 - an attempt which was supposed to be unsuccessful.

After intensive hormone therapy, doctors decided not to proceed with in-vitro fertilisation.

She received that devastating news over the phone at her sister's first baby shower.

Jannelle Snaddon with her children Brylee, left, Will, Janae and Isaac . Picture: Rod Taylor/The West Australian

Desperate and near the end of their tether, the couple forged ahead with an intrauterine insemination, knowing the chance of conception was very low. "I think the doctors were very, very shocked by what happened," she said.

"The kids had their ups and downs in hospital because they were born at 30 weeks, so they were small but I'm so lucky to have four healthy children. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason now."

Those chaotic months after the children were born are blurry memories now and Mrs Snaddon said they were getting used to juggling a young family and two jobs.

But having quadruplets presents frequent challenges such as covering 40 school books by Monday.

"We've just had to let go of some of the smaller stuff.

"The house isn't always going to be completely clean, and that's not the end of the world."

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