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Jon Bennett – Fire In The Meth Lab
4 stars

Jon Bennett's older brother Tim is a bully and a drug addict who was oddly obsessed with Jason Donovan. Bennett uses his brother's addiction and subsequent stints in jail as the basis for his latest comedy show.

It's not a topic you'd expect to find yourself laughing at but then Bennett knows how to weave a tale.

So how does the son of a Pentecostal priest fall off the wagon? Bennett starts with his brother's first addiction, Jason Donovan - cue for Jason Donovon Straight From the Heart Board Game.

The concept behind this board game is completely ridiculous. Question: What is Jason's favourite postcard?

You can't help but wonder if taking drugs would help you play.

Tim's pop obsession moves to religion before it is quickly replaced by a penchant for alcohol and drugs.

Bennett reveals personal details about himself and the rest of his family as he follows his brother's fall from grace. He's happy to disclose the most intimate details and these anecdotes got the biggest laughs.

From surviving the bullying of his older brother to discovering his own sexuality, no topic is off limits.

He uses letters to his incarcerated brother, photographs, music videos (yes, Donovon gets a look in), poetry and a little audience participation to take us on this journey.

I'm not sure if Bennett's family is perfect fodder for comedy or if he's just great at spinning a yarn. I suspect it's a combination of the two.

It took me several minutes to regain my hearing after the show, not from Bennett's delivery but from the level of laughter the packed crowd generated.

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