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Wings give Skyworks new flight of fancy
Wing-suit pilots Clem Newell, Scott Paterson and Jess Dudley will land at Langley Park. Picture: Michael Wilson/The West Australian

They may not look imposing on land but they are formidable in the sky.

Wing-suits not only offer the superpower of flight, they also let wearers flip, tumble, turn and potentially fight off villains.

Wing-suit flyer Scott Paterson, 28, said the craze, which has taken off in Perth in the past three years, is the closest thing to actually flying - soaring through the air like a superhero.

"Although wing-suit flying is a discipline of skydiving, we can actually propel forward and use our bodies to drive through the air," he said. "We also have double the free-fall time as a regular skydiver so we can do more aerobatics and tricks."

He said the increased surface area from the specially designed wing-suits allowed wearers extra lift and control in the air.

For the first time on Australia Day, wing-suits will feature in the air show spectacular when Mr Paterson and three others drop into the crowd at Langley Park.

"I guess what we do can be described as dancing in the sky," he said. "Our stage is three- dimensional, though, so we can really get creative."

The City of Perth Australia Day Skyworks air show starts at 3.30pm on Sunday before the fireworks extravaganza scheduled for nightfall.

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