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Alleged jewel thief hit twice with Taser
Alleged jewel thief hit twice with Taser

A man was twice Tasered by police last night after he allegedly hit an officer’s car with a crowbar following an attempted burglary in Joondalup.

Police received a call about a burglary at a jewellery story inside Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City about 1am.

Officers were told the man, who was armed with a knife and crowbar, had smashed display cabinets before being chased by a security officer.

A police spokesman said officers found the man nearby a short time later.

“It will be alleged the man approached the police vehicle and hit it with the crowbar a number of times, damaging one of the doors,” he said.

“Once the officers were able to exit the vehicle they challenged the man with firearms drawn and once in a safe position re-holstered their firearms and challenged him with Tasers drawn.”

The man had received injuries during the attempted burglary but declined medical assistance.

He was taken to Joondalup police station for further inquiries.