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Police kept busy for Operation Unite
Police kept busy for Operation Unite

Operation Unite, a nationwide crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence and antisocial behaviour, kicked off last night.

There were 15 assaults between 6pm and 4am that resulted in four juvenile cautions and six arrests, with a total of seven charges, and an additional four arrests and charges were made for assaulting a public officer.

Nine arrests were made for obstructing a public officer, and three were dealt with by summons with a total of 13 charges.

There were seven drug-related cautions, including a juvenile caution, and an additional 10 drug-related infringements issued.

Five people were arrested for drug-related offences, and another six were dealt with by summons.

There were 180 move-on notices and 90 liquor infringements issued, and 78 liquor cautions were made.