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Kingdon injuries from drunken fall
Tammy Kingdon. File picture: Lee Griffith/The West Australian

Tammy Kingdon had no idea what caused her eye socket to be fractured and had split her own cheek open by falling against a wall, bikie Troy Mercanti’s defence lawyer suggested today.

MS Kingdon labelled a string of Colin Lovitt QC’s suggestions this morning shocking lies, breaking down at one point saying "I just can’t listen to the lies anymore".

Mr Mercanti has pleaded not guilty to five assault charges stemming from alleged domestic violence in the couple’s 15-year relationship which ended last year.

Mr Lovitt today suggested that Ms Kingdon fabricated her story about Mr Mercanti - a Finks bikie who used to be with the Coffin Cheaters - punching her and fracturing her eye socket outside a Bunbury hotel so that it needed a metal plate in 1997.

He suggested she was blind drunk and on drugs and had no idea what really caused the injury.

Mr Lovitt suggested his client was also not to blame for a 2002 incident in which Mr Mercanti is accused of punching Ms Kingdon after she returned later than he liked from drinks with friends.

Mr Lovitt suggested an argument had ensued because she returned home drunk, stripped to her underwear and then bathed the couple’s young children in a manner that "almost drowning" them.

"You are shocking me now," M Kingdon responded. "Now it is getting ridiculous. I can’t believe what you just said."

Mr Lovitt suggested Ms Kingdon was pretending to be surprised by the claim and had been aware of that version of events - a suggestion she also rejected.

Mr Lovitt suggested Ms Kingdon did not have any clear idea of how her cheek had become split and could have fallen against a wall while hysterical and out of control during the argument with her then-partner.

"I just can’t keep hearing these lies. It’s impossible," Ms Kingdon said, calling Mr Lovitt a "horrible" and "mean" man.

Ms Kingdon broke down as Mr Lovitt began to suggest that a third incident that saw her beaten on Christmas Day 2006 and later that day her tooth knocked out was also made up.

Mr Lovitt suggested she had no marks on her and the sole reason she had to fix herself up after the alleged beating was because she had been crying and her mascara had run and left her looking a mess.

Ms Kingdon rejected the claim and said the reason she may not have mentioned the bruising and pain from the alleged beating when she went to the hospital that day after her teeth were allegedly knocked by Mr Mercanti was because she was in shock and focused on the mouth injury.

Ms Kingdon agreed she could be a bit hysterical when scared of Mr Mercanti and that she could be verbally abusive. But she said she knew when to pick her moments.

"I can pick my times when I can be

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