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A man linked to an outlaw bikie gang slashed his workmate's throat with a kitchen knife as he was mopping up his own blood after being punched in the face and hit over the head with a beer bottle, State Prosecutors have alleged.

Mark Raymond Hinchliffe claimed he was acting in self-defence when he slashed the throat of colleague Scott Paul Williams with a kitchen knife during an incident at his North Yunderup property in May 2011.

Mr Hinchliffe has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Mr Williams and went on trial in the Supreme Court this morning.

Opening the State's case, prosecutor Laura Christian said the reason for the attack was unknown and it would be alleged Mr Williams had his throat slashed as he was mopping up his own blood after Mr Hinchliffe hit him over the head with a beer bottle and punched him in the face.

But defence lawyer Laurie Levy told the jury it would be argued that Mr Hinchliffe and Mr Williams had been drinking together and came to blows after an argument and Mr Hinchliffe had armed himself with the knife when Mr Williams came at him with a beer bottle.

Ms Christian told the jury Mr Hinchliffe had earlier in the day spoken to the president of an outlaw motorcycle club who allegedly called him a "piece of shit" before he and Mr Williams went looking for members of the club because Mr Hinchliffe wanted to give an associate a "flogging".

Mr Williams testified that he and Mr Hinchliffe had been getting along "fine" but his demeanour changed and he became angry after the phone call.

He claimed they went to the former location of the gang's club house, but it had moved, before going to several pubs and bars looking or members.

Mr Williams claimed Mr Hinchliffe told him that "he'd cop a bashing to give a bashing or words to that effect".

The jury was told the pair returned to Mr Hinchliffe's home where they got into an argument during which Mr Hinchliffe fired a gun.

Mr Levy said his client discharged the weapon accidentally and he had no intention of harming anyone.

Ms Christian said after Mr Williams' throat was slashed, he ran to a neighbour's house with his hands over his neck and sought help.

He was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, including an exposed jugular, the jury was told.

The trial continues.

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