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Carles prepared to end spat with Buswell
Ms Carles lawyer John Hammond. Picture: Dione Davidson/The West Australian

Fremantle MP Adele Carles has declared she is prepared to end her public spat with Treasurer Troy Buswell effective immediately on the condition he drops his Supreme Court defamation action today.

A letter from Ms Carles lawyer John Hammond, sent this morning to Mr Buswell’s lawyer Martin Bennett, says Ms Carles is prepared to settle the damaging public dispute immediately on the basis that:

- Mr Buswell immediately ceases all legal action against her;

- each party bears their own legal costs; and

- neither party makes any further media comment about their relationship.

“Notwithstanding that my client has strong defences to each of the statements made by her, Ms Carles recognises that there is a greater public interest at stake,” Mr Hammond wrote.

“Mr Buswell is the Treasurer of Western Australia and Ms Carles is the member for Fremantle. The community do not want to see members of parliament trading blows in the Supreme Court, particularly given that both our clients hold down positions which are funded by the taxpayer.

“My client is required to have an ongoing professional relationship with the Treasurer in order to represent the people of Fremantle.

“Similarly Mr Buswell needs to be able to communicate with Ms Carles over matters affecting the Fremantle electorate. Whilst the legal action continues this cannot occur.”

The letter notes Premier Colin Barnett’s comments yesterday that he wanted to see an end to the public spat, which by Ms Carles own admission has become a “soap opera”.

Mr Barnett said he would not interfere in the matter but hoped “they resolve it because it simply is a distraction for myself and the Government”.

Mr Buswell is suing Ms Carles for comments she has made about his behaviour and state-of-mind across a range of media outlets.

A fortnight ago, Ms Carles accused Mr Buswell of simulating sex on Perth businessman Nicholas Kailis during an allegedly drunken prank at the home of property tycoon Nigel Satterley.

The Treasurer is challenging her account of the year-old incident, but has yet to flatly deny it occurred.

Ms Carles escalated the dispute last weekend when she revealed details of a card handwritten by Mr Buswell in May, two months after their relationship ended, in which he called Ms Carles his “true love” and vowed “I will not let you go, so please let me keep loving you”.

Ms Carles also alleged Mr Buswell called her late at night on November 27 asking her to take him back.

In his letter to Mr Bennett today, Mr Hammond wrote Ms Carles bore “no ill will” to Mr Buswell “on a personal level”. “This matter is capable of resolution today,” he wrote.

“I call upon your client to show good faith and withdraw from the action on the terms proposed.”
Comment is being sought from Mr Bennett.

Mr Bennett confirmed he had received Mr Hammond’s letter and said he might be in a position to respond on behalf of Mr Buswell later today.

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