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Premier urges Carles and Buswell
Picture: Steve Ferrier / The West Australian.

Premier Colin Barnett has urged his Treasurer Troy Buswell and Fremantle MP Adele Carles to end their bitter post-relationship break-up battle.

Speaking at the Elizabeth Quay construction site, Mr Barnett expressed disappointment that the differences between the former couple were set to play out in the Supreme Court.

“We have a situation where two people have fallen out with each other and it’s become quite bitter,” Mr Barnett said.

“It’s a matter for them. I would very much hope that they resolve it because it simply is a distraction for myself and the Government.”

He still held out hope that a court showdown could be avoided.

“Two people who have fallen out in a bad way, I hope there’s a sense of maturity here and they can just settle it and get on with their lives,” he said.

“It’s not something that I as Premier will interfere in.”

Mr Buswell is suing Ms Carles for comments she has made about his behaviour and state-of-mind across a range of media outlets.

A fortnight ago, Ms Carles accused Mr Buswell of simulating sex on Perth businessman Nicholas Kailis during an allegedly drunken prank at the home of property tycoon Nigel Satterley.

The Treasurer is challenging her account of the year-old incident, but has yet to flatly deny it occurred.

Mr Barnett said he hoped the defamation writ served on Ms Carles would not result in some of Perth’s highest-profile businessmen being dragged through court for their version of what happened at Mr Satterley’s home.

“I hope that doesn’t happen,” he said. “It is a matter between two individuals. Yes, one of them is the Treasurer of the State so that is a concern to me, but it’s not affecting Troy in his role and it’s not affecting the State Government as it goes about its business.”

Far from being resolved, The West Australian understands the legal fight escalated last night with subpoenas being served on another media outlet that has been reporting on Ms Carles’ claims.

She and Mr Buswell’s relationship, which began in 2010 as an affair, ended badly in March.

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