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Major roads top the list for car accidents
Major roads top the list for car accidents

Albany Highway in Kenwick is Perth's worst "black spot" for car crashes, a study has revealed.

According to an analysis by car insurer AAMI of more than 275,000 accident claims across the nation, the worse roads in Perth for accidents were the major arterial roads.

Stretches of Canning Highway, Great Eastern Highway and the Mitchell and Kwinana freeways topped the list of black spots.

AAMI spokesman Reuben Aitchison said accidents were more common on high traffic roads with relatively high speed limits.

He said roadworks were also a major contributing factor.

"Albany Highway in Kenwick and Great Eastern Highway in Belmont have had roadworks and construction on site for a long time - this adds to drivers' frustration," Mr Aitchison said.

"When it comes to impatience and frustration, which both contribute to crashes, it's all relative.

"If people aren't used to a particular road being slow, they get more frustrated and more impatient.

"All it takes is just a moment's lapse in concentration or judgment or letting impatience get the better of you for a crash to happen."

The survey also found Perth drivers were the most impatient in the country, with 17 per cent of motorists admitting it contributed to their accident. Nationwide, 13 per cent of people said impatience contributed to their crash.

Forty per cent of Perth motorists blamed other drivers for their accident and a third blamed loss of concentration or being distracted.

Main Roads said because many of the roads identified in the AAMI study were among the most heavily used in WA, accidents were usually the less serious rear-end collisions, typical of high volume peak-hour traffic.

According to Main Roads data, Albany Highway near Kenwick Link recorded 85 serious crashes over the five years to last year.

Great Eastern Highway near Belmont Avenue recorded 81 serious crashes and Canning Highway near Ardross Street had 51.

The Main Roads Intersection Crash database showed Eeelup Rotary in Bunbury was the most dangerous intersection with 688 crashes over the five years.

Next dangerous was the intersection of Tonkin Highway, Horrie Miller Drive and Kewdale Road, which recorded 365 crashes.

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