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Mate mourns good pilot
Mate mourns 'good pilot'

Young, fit and good-looking and living in the tropical paradise of Broome with a beautiful fiancee on his arm, pilot Adam Gaffney seemed to have the world at his feet.

But the 27-year-old's life - and the couple's dreams of wedded bliss - ended suddenly when his twin-engine plane spiralled into sand dunes at Cable Beach.

Tragically, Mr Gaffney and Janice Mae Andoy-Posadas announced their engagement on Facebook on the seventh anniversary of their meeting just three weeks ago.

They had only been living in Broome for a few months.

The couple had moved to Derby at the beginning of last year after Mr Gaffney accepted a position as pilot with Golden Eagle Airlines.

Ms Andoy-Posadas, who graduated from the Kimberley Training Institute with a diploma in business administration in 2008, took a job with the Derby Visitor Centre as a tourism officer.

It is not clear how she met Mr Gaffney, who was born and grew up in Hobart with mother Mary, dad Grant and sister Sarah Louise.

But several years ago, the keen soccer fan undertook basic aviation training at the now-defunct TasAir training school in Hobart before graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of South Australia in 2009 with his partner by his side.

His friend, Skywest aircraft engineer Addy Rudds, said he worked with Mr Gaffney at Golden Eagle for about a year after he arrived in Derby.

"I think he was somewhere in Victoria for a little while," Mr Rudds said.

"He was originally from Hobart . . . and then he got the job in Derby and came up.

"He was just a good bloke, really kind and nice and honest.

"He was one of the nicest pilots I've ever met."

He said Mr Gaffney loved his job and showed great potential.

"I've flown with many pilots and he was very talented, a very good pilot," Mr Rudds said.

"I always thought that in the next five years or so, he would have been probably working for Qantas - he had a lot of potential to get into the big airlines."

Mr Gaffney moved to Broome to graduate to bigger planes and build up his flying hours and experience, while Ms Andoy-Posadas resumed her studies.

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