The West

Footy show shock

TV host Garry Lyon will stand down from The Footy Show and Footy Classified as he battles "serious mental health condition".

  1. Turnbull unveils ministry reshuffle

    Turnbull unveils ministry reshuffle

    PM announces frontbench reshuffle in wake of retirements and resignations.

  2. Footy's seven-figure stars

    Cashed up

    Fyfe joins exclusive millionaires club - and why Nic Nat isn't in it.

  3. Backpacker attack probe widens

    Backpacker attack probe widens

    Detectives checking missing-person files across Australia for links to Salt Creek attack.

  4. Kanye West, Taylor Swift feud

    West and Swift feud over 'Famous' song

    Rapper slammed over lyrics about sex and making "that b.tch famous".

  5. Brief undercover role for Stormie

    Brief undercover role for Stormie Mills

    Street artist Stormie Mills has released a limited-edition underwear range.

  6. Weapons seized after car search

    Weapons seized after car search

    Booze bus stop leads police to a frightening collection of homemade weapons.