The West

Blood brothers of ISIS

Pictures of Aussie teen suicide bomber Jake Bilardi surface online.

  1. FSH’s critical lack of beds

    New hospital’s critical lack of beds

    New hospital in gridlock with no available beds and staff warned to discharge patients where possible.

  2. Sharks close to shore

    Spotters see shark action close to shore

    Shark spotters report at least 12 sightings in just three days.

  3. Fears over halal cash

    Fears halal cash sent to extremists

    Liberal senator questions whether money raised is being funnelled to Islamic extremists.

  4. Elite team to probe deaths

    Elite team to probe surfer deaths riddle

    Mexican governor assigns specialist team to investigate case of missing WA surfers.

  5. Eco-camp bid for Dirk Hartog

    Eco-camp bid for Dirk Hartog

    Plans to transform island from hidden gem to ecotourism hot spot move into high gear.

  6. Biscuit wars over our Tim Tams

    Biscuit war: Coles refuses Tim Tams price hikes

    Australia’s favourite biscuit locked in war over price with supermarket giant Coles.