The West

Indie band killed in crash

Viola Beach members and manager die after car plunges into canal in Sweden.

  1. Property tax break plan

    Tax breaks on property in crosshairs

    New Labor policy to limit tax offset to newly built homes from July next year criticised by Federal Treasurer.

  2. Accused chased through streets

    Would-be theft victims chase accused through streets

    Man charged with burglary, trespass, stealing and possessing a garden stake and roof tiles to cause fear.

  3. Quotas may hurt ALP hopeful

    Top ALP hope may fall foul of female quotas

    Mt Lawley barrister could miss out on shot at Federal seat because of ALP’s female quota system.

  4. Hospitals reveal abductions

    Hospitals reveal baby abductions

    Shocking details revealed of two cases of newborns taken from WA public hospitals.

  5. Hurt traveller to go home

    Hurt traveller to finally go home

    Family, friends and even strangers rally to help stricken British backpacker return home after accident.

  6. Lifestyle cloud on super plans

    Lifestyle cloud on super plans

    Survey shows many people confuse lifestyle with standard of living, putting pressure on Super expectations.