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Fremantle celebrate first minor premiership. Pic: AFL Media

  1. Girls charged over robbery

    Girls charged over robbery

    Trio aged 15, 16 and 19 charged over robbery of pregnant woman.

  2. Sisters 'sentenced' to rape

    Sisters 'sentenced' to rape as punishment for brother's elopement

    Girls ordered to be raped and humiliated for brother eloping with married woman in India.

  3. Woman dies in Torbay crash

    Woman dies in Torbay crash

    A 52-year-old woman died after her car hit a tree and caught fire in Torbay this morning.

  4. Wine ‘has strong future’

    Wine ‘has strong future’

    International wine judge and author Stephen Brook believes marketing is key for Swan Valley wine.

  5. Extreme plan to beat drug couriers

    Peru to shoot down drug planes

    Peru's president enacts law to authorise military to shoot suspected drug flights.

  6. No one likes a show-off, but ...

    Female futsal game gets vicious in Brazil

    VIDEO: Sick of being embarrassed, a Brazilain futsal player uses an opponent's head as a ball.

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