The West

Potato board gives up fight

Watchdog is dead on its feet in war with Tony Galati and other growers.

  1. Warning over shark alert glitch

    Warning for beachgoers over shark alert glitch

    Fisheries alert after part of metropolitan shark network goes offline.

  2. State's $20m rail land sell-off

    State unlocks $20m of land near rail stations for apartments

    Land near Perth train stations to be released to build 500 new apartments.

  3. School car park robbery charge

    Man charged with trying to steal car from Guildford Grammar car park

    Man charged with trying to steal car at Guildford Grammar while student was inside.

  4. Nahan feels solar heat

    Minister feels heat of solar flare-up

    Energy Minister pledges to outline major changes to electricity pricing in next year’s Budget.

  5. Lamborghini 'hits pedestrians'

    Devastating scenes after Lamborghini 'smashes into pedestrians' when street race goes wrong

    Street race in Indonesia goes terribly wrong, killing one pedestrian.

  6. Fears over halal cash

    Fears halal cash sent to extremists

    Liberal senator questions whether money raised is being funnelled to Islamic extremists.