The West

Police shot ends standoff

Beanbag round used to end four-hour East Perth standoff.

  1. Property tax break in crosshairs

    Tax breaks on property in crosshairs

    Federal Govt eyes people who use negative-geared properties to minimise tax.

  2. Great Mt Lawley 'thief chase'

    Would-be theft victims chase accused through streets

    Man accused of running riot through suburban streets.

  3. Perth petrol hits 11-year low

    Perth petrol hits 11-year low

    Petrol prices will be transported back to the previous decade today.

  4. Hurt traveller to go home

    Hurt traveller to finally go home

    Family, friends, even strangers rally to help stricken British backpacker get home after accident.

  5. Lifestyle cloud on super plans

    Lifestyle cloud on super plans

    Survey shows many people confuse lifestyle with standard of living, putting pressure on Super expectations.

  6. Thorpe steps out with WA beau

    Thorpe steps out with new WA beau

    Olympian seems to have met his match in Perth model and law student.