Eagles push for top two

LIVE: Win against St Kilda and West Coast will get home first round final.

  1. 'Dad, you have to let me go'

    Apparition haunts father of missing fisherman

    Apparition of son haunts the father of fisherman lost in prawn trawler tragedy.

  2. Flirting with success at US Open

    Kyrgios and Bouchard win over New York

    Kyrgios, Bouchard win mixed doubles match, set tongues wagging with on-court flirting.

  3. $30m riding on Eagles win

    $30m windfall bonus for Eagles beat St Kilda

    WA economy set for $30m windfall if West Coast shore up a top-two berth by beating St Kilda.

  4. Thug's 'gutless' CBD attack

    League thug in gutless CBD attack

    VIDEO: Former WA rugby league prospect labelled 'gutless, cowardly' for brutal mall bashing.

  5. Inside city's most exclusive hotel

    Experience the opulence of the city’s most exclusive hotel

    One of Australia's most exclusive hotels will open within weeks in Perth.

  6. Hemsley and Parke engaged

    Hemsley and Parke engaged

    Prominent Perth businessman and WA Federal MP plan to marry next year.

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