WA's $30m Lotto winner

One ticket has won the entire $30m Oz Lotto division one prize.

  1. Charger blamed for house fire

    Charger blamed for Gosnells house fire

    Battery charger believed to be to blame for a fire which forced a two men to flee their home.

  2. Dad banned from seeing daughters

    Dad banned from contact  with daughters

    Court bans contact with two daughters, father gets only 12 pictures of children a year.

  3. New WA NBN locations released

    New WA NBN locations released

    Federal Government pushes ahead with the rollout of National Broadband Network.

  4. Jihadist's family want to come back

    Jihadist's wife faces full force of law

    Khaled Sharrouf's family said to be trying to return because of poor conditions in Syria.

  5. Radio host bashes rabbit to death

    Radio station defends killing baby rabbit live on air

    Uproar as radio host hit and kills rabbit live on air amid debate over animal cruelty

  6. FMG defends Singapore set-up

    FMG defends Singapore set-up

    Fortescue says it has never used its Singaporean company for tax minimisation purposes.

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