Chase ends in beach drama

Man drives four-wheel-drive into surf in a bid to escape police.

  1. Detective stands by evidence

    Detective stands by his evidence

    Officer denies he made up the comments he attributed to Perth businessman Duncan Calder.

  2. Surf cops get their man

    Surf cops get their man

    Lancelin officers risked lives to help drag suspected car thief to safety after man drove into sea.,

  3. Barnett warns council at risk

    Barnett warns council at risk

    Premier says Lord Mayor’s Beijing Olympics trip does not pass pub test.

  4. Cancer causes nailed down

    Cancer causes nailed down

    At least one in three cancers in Australia — about 37,000 diagnoses a year — are preventable.

  5. Father fined over poll threats

    Father fined over poll rival threats

    Man threatened to “kill and stab” daughter’s council election rival over remark.

  6. Sisters bond for big battle

    Sisters bond for life’s big battle

    Alison Davis and Marion Fredriksson share an experience that has bonded them for life.