Shark attack at Dawesville

Man, 18, has been bitten by a shark at Pyramids Beach this afternoon.

  1. Perth start-up lures stars

    Perth start-up piques Hollywood interest

    Perth couple's tech firm piques interest of two famous Hollywood movie stars.

  2. In defence of Lisa Scaffidi

    Scaffidi misconduct findings based on technicality

    Paul Murray says Lord Mayor is paying a heavy price for errors in judgment.

  3. Tourists' terror as bridge shatters

    'Everybody was screaming': Sheer terror as glass walkway on cliff top shatters

    Glass pane on platform attached to a cliff face cracked then shattered.

  4. Australian cars in VW scandal

    VW emissions scandal hits Australia

    Volkswagen confirms 77,000 diesel cars sold in Australia are fitted with emissions-rigging software.

  5. Buddy's first public appearance

    Lance Franklin makes first public appearance

    Lance Franklin steps in public for first time since revealing he was suffering mental health issues.

  6. Neighbourhood meth nightmare

    Nightmare of living near busy meth house

    Meth dealing houses making life miserable for those living nearby.