'Mum won't give up'

Gina Rinehart's son John Hancock says she won't accept court decision to strip her of control of family trust.

  1. Welshpool fire emergency

    Welshpool fire emergency

    A blaze at a Welshpool factory has been brought under control.

  2. Cocaine link to Gold Coast death

    Cocaine link to WA man's Gold Coast death

    WA man who died in robbery after sex with a prostitute had fatally high levels of cocaine in system.

  3. ACT woman claims $50m prize

    Canberra woman wins $50 million in Powerball lottery

    Canberra's $50m Powerball winner says she will share prize with people in need.

  4. Arsonist's appeal rejected

    Hot-headed ex-hubby's appeal rejected

    Sentence stands for man jailed for lighting "the most expensive barbecue in Broome".

  5. AMA slams med school funding

    Ley defends Curtin med school funding

    New WA medical school funding contingent on state's ability to provide training places.

  6. Paedophile too dangerous to release

    WA pedophile too dangerous to release

    Community couldn't be protected from convicted rapist if he was released from jail, WA court rules.

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