Guns seized in RPH scare

Two men arrested after firearms allegedly found in suspicious package left at Royal Perth Hospital.

  1. PM retreats on lies claim

    PM retreats on lies claim

    North Star Cruises representative’s fury at claim to hire cheap foreign labour.

  2. Hastie blasts faith questions

    Hastie blasts faith questions

    Canning Liberal candidate calls on media to focus on him and not his family.

  3. Labor urges FTA change

    Labor urges FTA change

    Bill Shorten wants amendments to China deal to give Australians first dibs at jobs.

  4. State loses port legal bid

    State loses port legal bid

    Supreme Court dismisses application for a key claim to be struck out of the proceedings.

  5. Peak-hour prices in spotlight

    Peak-hour power price in spotlight

    Households with air-conditioners are subsidised to the tune of about $600 a year.

  6. Free range labels get a serve

    Free range pork labels get a serve

    Questions asked as ACCC demands undertakings from smallgoods suppliers over “free range” labels.

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