War on spud board

Abbott Government says the Potato Marketing Corporation is a $3.8m-a-year drag on WA economy.

  1. Couple's landmark compo win

    Couple's landmark compo win against Maritime Union

    Perth couple to be paid more than $720,000 after they were refused jobs.

  2. Kids skip school for holidays

    Kids skip school for holidays

    10pc of school absences last year for vacations, prompted by cheap flights and accommodation.

  3. Cops 'running out of road safety ideas'

    Road toll frustrates police

    Police Commissioner says he is running out of ideas on how to get the road safety message through.

  4. Red light dodgers despised

    Red light dodgers despised

    Shortcuts through service stations to avoid traffic lights are driving staff mad.

  5. Virgin airport plans stall again

    Virgin airport plans stall again

    $190m showpiece terminal delayed yet again and will not open until late this year.

  6. Researchers hunt the anorexia gene

    World-first study into dieting genes

    Young WA women supply DNA for the world's biggest study into genetic links of anorexia nervosa.

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