Sydney terror raids

Five people arrested as 200 police raid houses following Friday's terrorist attack on police headquarters.

  1. Teen hero saves brother in fire

    Family flees Camillo house fire

    14-year-old girl punches out window to get younger brother out of burning house.

  2. Murder charge over missing man

    Murder charge over missing man

    Detectives have charged a 21-year-old man with the murder of Jason Edge.

  3. Detective stands by 'girl' evidence

    Detective stands by his evidence

    Officer denies making up evidence about man having a 'problem' and 'liking' young girls.

  4. Surf cops get their man

    Surf cops get their man

    Lancelin officers risked lives to help drag suspected car thief to safety after man drove into sea.

  5. Cancer causes nailed down

    Cancer causes nailed down

    At least one in three cancers in Australia — about 37,000 diagnoses a year — are preventable.

  6. Tourists' terror as bridge shatters

    'Everybody was screaming': Sheer terror as glass walkway on cliff top shatters

    Glass pane on platform attached to a cliff face cracked then shattered.