Millionaire Centrelink fraud

Wife of millionaire mining boss jailed for nine months for Centrelink fraud during mining boom.

  1. Flowers, tears for scooter teen

    Scooter teen dies in two-car crash

    Boy, 16, killed in terrible two-car crash as he was crossing a road in Cloverdale last night.

  2. Cruise firm told to 'sack locals’

    We were told to sack local workers: cruise firm

    Broome-based luxury cruise company says bureaucrats told it to register ship overseas to save costs.

  3. Lillee walks out in WACA bombshell

    Lillee walks out in WACA bombshell

    WA's greatest cricketer quits as president on eve of critical decision about future plans.

  4. Video reveals pregnancy claim hoax

    New video confirms French pregnant tourist plea was a hoax

    Video of woman claiming to be trying to find father of her baby was just marketing stunt.

  5. Car safety ratings shock results

    Car safety ratings prove many models aren't 'up to scratch'

    Audit finds many popular used cards not considered 'up to scratch'.

  6. Murderer loses parole appeal

    Ice addict murderer loses parole appeal

    Ice addict loses bid to reduce minimum 18 years he will spend in jail for murdering ‘innocent’ stranger.

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