The West

Blood brothers of ISIS

Pictures of Aussie teen suicide bomber Jake Bilardi surface online.

  1. 'They just wanted to bash someone'

    Man brutally bashed in random attack

    Belmont bash victim told "you’re in our neighbourhood now you white dogs" before brutal attack.

  2. Roy Hill reaches milestone

    Roy Hill begins loading first ship

    Loading of Gina Rinehart's Roy Hill iron ore project’s maiden shipment begins.

  3. Solar, power guzzlers targeted

    Plan for big power users to pay more

    Pricing shake-up plan would charge solar panel owners and big electricity guzzlers more their power.

  4. Palmer firm demands $48m urgently

    Palmer firm demands $48m urgently

    Palmer nickel business faces dire consequences if demand not met.

  5. Pain of loss hits girlfriends

    Pain of so near, yet so far hits missing surfer’s girlfriends hard

    Girlfriends of WA surfers feared dead in Mexico promise to finish their trip.

  6. Biscuit wars over our Tim Tams

    Biscuit war: Coles refuses Tim Tams price hikes

    Australia’s favourite biscuit locked in war over price with supermarket giant Coles.