2500 toll amid aftershocks

Powerful aftershocks rock Nepal, triggering new avalanches at Everest.

  1. Relief as loved ones get in touch

    Relief as loved ones get in touch

    Almost 24 hours of calls, internet searches and tears end with good news for one Perth family.

  2. Honoured through the years

    Honoured through the years

    'Sometimes, when I'm by myself, my mind goes back to my mates that got killed.'

  3. Malaysia detains IS suspects

    Malaysia detains 12 suspected of IS links

    Police detain 12 men suspected of plotting attacks on govt targets.

  4. Syria air raids kill 40

    Air raids on market kill 40 as Syria regime hits back

    Market air raid as Syrian forces step up attacks on rebels.

  5. Houli allegedly racially abused

    Houli allegedly racially abused at MCG

    Richmond investigate alleged 'terrorist' slur during Tigers' loss to Demons.

  6. Cuffed man takes off in cop car

    Handcuffed man takes off in police car

    32-year-old NSW man faces raft of charges after allegedly driving off in a police car and crashing.

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