My freefall nightmare

The horrifying moment a skydiver lost consciousness during a free-fall over WA has been caught on camera.

  1. Poachers hit drink catchments

    Marron poachers hit drink catchments

    Poachers smash through Water Corp fences to steal marron from public drinking dams.

  2. Perth house prices fell 2.3pc in Feb

    Perth house prices fell 2.3pc in Feb

    House values across metropolitan area fell 2.3pc despite interest rate cut.

  3. 95kg lighter but new body is hidden

    95kg lighter but new body stays hidden

    Lisa Grant-Collingridge has slashed her weight by almost 60 per cent but is yet to see her new slim shape.

  4. Oversized shark caught during comp

    Oversized shark caught during contest

    Shark disqualified from South West fishing competition for being too big.

  5. Stolen cop car battered in 'joyride'

    Car cops joyride battering

    A stolen police vehicle has been battered and broken after it was allegedly taken for a joyride

  6. Big demand for pet sitter

    Big demand for pet sitter

    As we gear up for an Easter geataway, animal lover Judi Dale will be busy caring for pets.

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