The West

Harvey bushfire threat

Firefighters protecting homes from out-of-control bushfire.

  1. Violence escalates against ED staff

    Violence escalates against ED staff

    Hospital staff on alert after staggering 20,000 “code black” threat alarms reported last year.

  2. Perth Muslim no jihadi: lawyer

    Perth Muslim is no jihadi: lawyer

    Fahmi Awang and his father detained on arrival at New Delhi airport and denied entry to the country.

  3. Homes hit by water supply cuts

    More homes hit by water supply cuts

    The rate of mains breaks has risen 15.4 per cent during the year to 15 for every 100km of water.

  4. Patients stuck in Graylands

    Patients stuck in Graylands

    Six patients living in the hospital, WA’s biggest psychiatric inpatient facility, for more than a decade.

  5. Bus film stunt sparks concern

    London bus film stunt sparks concern

    Residents woke to explosion and many complained it had frightened children.

  6. N. Korea missile fury

    Global outrage over North Korea rocket launch

    Latest long-range rocket launch prompts international anger.