Arrest over hold-ups

Bret Lindsay Capper arrested about 9pm and questioned over series of armed hold-ups.

  1. German firm backs WA for subs

    German company backs WA for subs

    ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems believes shipbuilding infrastructure at Henderson is world-class.

  2. Dob in terror kids: police

    Dob in terror kids, police urge

    Police, intelligence agencies hope families will dob in children they fear might be planning a terror attack.

  3. Job cuts raise worker stress

    Redundancies raise worker stress levels

    Cost-cutting takes toll, with up to half of staff in some workplaces reporting anxiety.

  4. Deaths related to codeine rise

    Deaths related to codeine rise

    Codeine-related deaths more than double between 2000 and 2009.

  5. WA mum gets Kiss show on road

    ,WA mum gets Kiss show on the road

    It’s not every day one of the world’s most recognised rock bands asks you to be a roadie.

  6. Gay row overshadows synod

    Pope defends marriage, hetero couples after gay priest bombshell

    Gathering of Catholic bishops kicks off against backdrop of controversy.