The West

Telstra hit by outage

Social media has lit up with people complaining about loss of landlines, mobiles.

  1. Football spits the dummy

    Football spits the dummy over stadium deal

    COMMENT: If football wants credibility it needs to stop behaving like the spoilt child.

  2. Freeway glass causes chaos

    Freeway glass causes traffic chaos

    It's the reason you may have been late for work this morning.

  3. Yellow box gives clear message

    Yellow boxes give a clear message

    New road markings to improve traffic flow to be tested at four metro locations.

  4. Six-car smash in police chase

    Six cars damaged in police chase

    Reports driver fled after car being chased by police collided with four others.

  5. 'She'd seen I just cut her'

    Secret recordings reveal Anita Cobby murder confession

    Secret recordings reveal for the first time the confession of the Anita Cobby killers.

  6. Terrifying ride as cruise hits storm

    Dramatic footage shows huge cruise ship battered by huge seas in hurricane-force winds

    Vision shows huge seas, chaos as passengers told to stay in their rooms.