The West

MP’s 000 call for fireys

Liberal MP forced to dial emergency number to get food for firefighters battling blaze

  1. Brits find heat beats chills

    Brits find heat beats 1C chills

    Visitors love our Aussie summer, as temperature back home struggles to get above freezing.

  2. Officer ‘flippant’ over hiker's crisis

    Officer ‘flippant’ about crisis

    Inquest hears of father’s desperate plea for help as son collapses on bush track.

  3. Swan Valley stalwarts fear future

    ‘The Swan Valley on this side is finished’

    Families who have called area home for decades fear becoming trapped by planning changes.

  4. Bureaucrats ‘bungled’ deal

    Bureaucrats ‘bungled’ deal

    Chance to fund repairs to WA’s ageing Parliament House collapses after offer falls short.

  5. Private Medicare will be better: PM

    Private Medicare will improve service: PM

    Govt eyes billions in savings from massive overhaul of health services.

  6. MKR villains' kitchen triumph

    Villains Zana and Gianni make MKR history

    Zana, Gianni talked the talk and walked the walk in their instant restaurant.