Drugs, cash, bikes seized

Police find treasure trove of allegedly stolen goods in raids on home, storage unit.

  1. 'Turn the volume down'

    Melbourne RnB fan soaks passengers who ask her to turn down her stereo

    Trains passengers cop a soaking when they asked one woman to turn her loud music down.

  2. ‘Brawl’ at junior footy game

    ‘Mass fight’ at junior footy game

    Reports of a mass brawl at Year 7 junior football game in Yangebup.

  3. Heydon won’t step down

    Unions consider challenge to Dyson Heydon ruling

    Unions consider challenge to commissioner’s refusal to stand down.

  4. 'Cash, drugs, bikes found in police raids'

    'Cash, drugs, bikes found in police raids'

    Police have found allegedly stolen motorcycles and industrial tools after a raid on an Welshpool storage unit last week.

  5. Citizen arrests in spotlight

    Lockridge death puts citizen arrests in spotlight

    Issue of citizen’s arrest thrown into the spotlight after alleged intruder died.

  6. Qantas flight diverted to Perth

    Technical problem diverts Qantas A380 flight to Perth

    Technical problems forces Dubai to Sydney flight to land in Perth early this morning.

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